Monday, January 2, 2017

Vesper's Good From Wood: How my 5 Year Old Became An Entrepreneur And Helped Others In The Process

I have one of those children that just loves to love others. She has a huge heart and is constantly finding new and creative ways to show love to those around her. One day, in the backseat of my car, she hatched a plan to make money to give to those in need. She would make and sell ornaments (for a penny each, bless her heart) and give every single cent to people that needed food and Jesus. From there, a small business venture was born.

I helped her set up shop with a few wood slices, some chalk markers, and some twine. She designed the ornaments, and then dictated to me as I drew them
"Give the pig a necklace!"
"No, it's a GIRL hedgehog. She needs a tutu!"

We posted about our little business on Facebook (you can check it out here!) and a crazy thing happened: we sold them. All ten of our first batch sold within a single day! We had people requesting specific designs and asking for orders of multiples and even offering to pay much more than our asking price ($5 per ornament). So my little girl got brave and decided to draw a few of her own. And lo and behold, they too were a hit!

Before we knew it, we had sold over a hundred ornaments and earned nearly $550 to donate to a charity chosen by Vesper- and even better, they matched our donation! Novo ministries shares the gospel and feeds inner city children that come to their Bible clubs. Ves loved the idea of helping kids her own age!

What began as a little idea from a girl with a big heart turned into such a wonderful experience! I got to encourage my girl to operate a business, be creative, follow her heart, and be Jesus to others while using her talents, and we watched our family and friends rally around to support her. To be completely honest, this ended up being a lot of work for me. I'm the one that had to order wood slices, drill holes, package, and ship ornaments. I let her help with every single aspect, but in the end, the adult obviously carried much of the burden. And I wouldn't have changed a thing. To see the way her eyes lit up every time I told her we had another order, or showed her a picture of someone's ornament on their own tree at home... gah, if I could just bottle that feeling for her... My heart was so happy and full!

Who knows, maybe next year, we'll sell 200!

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