Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vesper Turns Five

When I was deep in the thick of the "Two-Babies-Under-Two" fog, I remember reading an article that said parents are most content when their children are between the ages of five and eight. I remember thinking, "THAT'S GOING TO TAKE FOREVER!" But I'll be damned if it's not here already... and I have to say, I'm more than content- I'm overjoyed with the young lady I'm raising.

I have a lot to say abut this sweet little sparrow of mine. I whisper them to her before bed- speaking life and love over her like a shield. I remind her daily of the kind heart that she has- tell her how it's a gift that should be used to it's fullest capacity. She's smart as a whip, creative, funny, beautiful, and sassy as can be.

We love you, Birdy. Please don't ever change!

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