Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving and Grace

Every year, on the day after Halloween, I start to see “30 Days of Thanks” statuses go up on Facebook. I’ve participated in the past, and I enjoy reading the posts by others, but on day one this year, I was able to sum up my entire thirty days in one word: grace. That’s it. I have months and months and a lifetime’s worth of status updates that I could write about why I’m thankful, but it all comes down to grace. It’s why I have a beautiful family and a wonderful husband. It’s why we have money in the bank, and food on our plates and a roof over our heads. It’s why I am allowed to open my eyes each morning, breathe in the air, and live another day. It’s why even after all these years, after all the times I’ve messed up and complained and forgotten and ignored and questioned His love for me, God continues to love and bless and delight in me. ME. A sinner… saved by nothing but grace.

So tomorrow we will be in the presence of family and friends that we love dearly and don’t get to see nearly enough, and my thought again is of the immense grace that I’ve been given. I hope that this Thanksgiving you are grace-filled, and grace-giving in the presence of the ones you love.


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