Wednesday, September 21, 2016

To My Momma Friend That I Haven't Seen In Ages

Dear Friend,
It’s been months. An endless string of messages and texts and comments on various Facebook posts.
“Coffee soon?”
“YES! I would love that!”
There have been more cancelations than the CW channel. Sick babies, sporting events for big kids, date nights, ministry, and just a general need for family time are all in the mix and pounding at your brain. We really know how to break plans, don’t we? And always with an apology
“I’m so sorry. Let’s try again next month?”
There are two very important things I want you to know:
1.       I am one hundred percent FOR you and your family. You don’t ever EVER have to feel guilty or apologize to me for taking care of your family and your marriage and your relationship with Christ. Those are the reasons I want you in my life. You are the kind of woman I want next to me in the trenches- wiping feverish foreheads, signing homework folders, packing lunches, cheering on kiddos from the sidelines of every game, serving your church, and nurturing your marriage. I take so much encouragement from knowing you’re out there every day, just like me, trying to be everything to everyone. Sometimes we fail, and sometimes we slay, girl! And I rejoice in your successes!

2.       I am still here. Still on the other side of that phone. Still ready to give encouragement or laugh with you or pray or weep. And on that rare day when the stars align and we are able to leave a crying baby with dad, ignore the dishes in the sink, and run out to grab a quick coffee, we’ll pick right up where we left off.

Keep me on speed dial, girl. We need each other.

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