Monday, August 22, 2016

Just Between Friends, Tulsa!

I buy pretty much all of my kid's clothes second hand, which is why it's crazy that I've never shopped at a Just Between Friends sale before. I know. Nuts, right? Every year, I watch on social media as my mom friends go and find boatloads of amazing deals, and I think, ' I should go next year!' but it just never happens. Mostly because I don't like lines and crowds, let's be honest. I'm envisioning Black Friday for moms...

This year, however, I was determined to attend. Mostly because my kids have outgrown nearly everything except a few dresses for Ves and some t-shirts for Grey. So I was completely ecstatic when JBF asked me to be a part of their Blogger Pre-sale Event!

Here's the deal- they basically wanted me to see how far I could stretch $50 at the JBF presale event, and if you know me, you know that I can stretch dollars like nobody's business, so I gladly accepted!

When I pulled up, this was the line... I died a little inside, but once they opened the doors, everyone just walked in. No stampede. No rushing the door. No one got trampled. Easy Peasy.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed once I got inside either! It's PACKED with tons and tons of amazing products- clean, great condition, variety of sizes, and SAFE! JBF is currently the only children's and maternity resale franchise in the industry to employ a safety and recall expert, so you don't have to worry about getting that carseat home and then finding out it's unsafe for use!

Before going, a friend of mine suggested that I bring a laundry basket with a belt attached to drag it around. I kind of laughed at it, but she assured me I wouldn't look crazy because everyone else would be doing the same thing. She was totally right. You will not have enough arms to hold all the amazing deals!
So, How far did my $50 stretch? here's what I ended up with at the 50-mark:

Those are all clean, name brand items- Gap, Old Navy, Oshkosh, and boutique- some NEW with tags! I had planned to stop at $50, but I couldn't. There were just too many deals that were too good to pass up! So I added a few more essentials to my belted laundry basket, and ended up with THIS:

The rundown:
2 winter coats
3 pairs of pants
2 button down shirts
1 pair of pajamas
2 pairs of shoes
2 dresses
2 tank tops
1 cardi
1 pair of shorts
2 skirts
1 pair of boots
2 nightgowns
1 Halloween Costume

That's 22 items. And my grand total? Only $128.00

I would estimate that all of this would have cost hundreds at retail value. I mean, I would have spent that much on just shoes and coats for the season! I was so impressed that I'm already planning to come back and shop at the next round of sales! But that's not all, because shopping is not the only way you can save money with JBF- they make consigning super easy AND their consigners get to shop presale! Imagine using last season's clothes to pay for next season's! I'm sold.
I had no idea what I was missing all these years!

The sale in Tulsa is running through the rest of the week at the Tulsa Trade Center. If I were you, I'd plan to shop the discount days starting on Thursday too! If you'd like more information about where your closest JBF sale is, you can go here! Happy hunting!


  1. Chelsea, We were happy to have you join us! We love helping families save money and get things their kids need. We would love to have you back to see your first SPRING JBF sale, Feb 26th-Mar 4th. It is worth the trip!

    1. Thanks so much Daven! I plan to be there with laundry basket(s) in hand :)