Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To The Child That Will Marry Mine

Hi, Little One. I don't know your story. I've never met you, but I pray for you all the time. When I'm having a particularly hard day with my children, I think about you... I wonder if you're having a hard day too with your momma or your siblings. Maybe potty training is really difficult, or your sandwich was cut into squares instead of triangles. I know the struggle... it's real.

Right now, I hope your biggest concerns are toys and tv shows and games. But you see, someday, you will marry my child, and the truth is that it's so incredibly daunting, this business of raising tiny humans. This task of teaching my boy not just to tell the truth about making a mess, but to be a man of integrity in all things; and of reminding my daughter not just to wear shorts under her dress because she's going to the playground, but to guard her body as a temple... it all feels so... BIG sometimes. And when I'm struggling- and don't take this the wrong way- but I often pray that your momma is too. Because if I'm honest, I want my children to marry people that had a momma who worried about their hearts and their souls. I want them to have had a family that invested in their spirits and helped them soar. But maybe she's not struggling at all. Maybe she's way better at this bringing-up-babies-thing than I am... I kind of hope that's true too, because Lord help you if you're going to marry my child...

I am far from a perfect mother, but I take very seriously the fact that I'm not just raising children, I'm raising adults- adults that will one day make decisions along side you for your own families. So I pray for you often. I pray that your little tummy always had food in it, your hand is always held when you cross the street, and your head always has a warm place to lay at night. I pray that someone is protecting you from danger and that you overcome your challenges with grace. I pray that one day I will get to see my child fall wildly in love with you, and I pray that their father and I can watch that love grow into a marriage deeply rooted in Christ- fruits born of labor and grace upon grace.

I cannot promise that I will make all the right decisions when it comes to parenting my child, but I can promise that I am doing my very best to ready them to serve and love you as their equal. I'm fighting every day to show them how to love like Jesus loves... And I pray that you're learning the same.

For today I hope that your tantrums are short and your laughter is loud. I hope you run as fast as you can into the arms of those who love you and get as much play time as your heart can take. But one night, many years from now, I will look at you from the pews of a beautiful wedding. With tears in my eyes, I will watch you as you gaze lovingly at my child. You will make big promises to each other, and put your faith in the Lord. You will think that moment is the very beginning, but I'll know... I'll know that it all started with today- with planting seeds and daily watering them with love and patience. I'll know that a love like this isn't just created spontaneously. It's taught. It's sought after and fought for... and it all started with two little sticky-faced children, and a lot of prayer.


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    A Fellow Oklahoman

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