Monday, March 21, 2016

The Key To A Successful Homeschool Day

I have learned a lot during this first year of homeschooling- I should probably write an entire post just on that, but today, I wanted to share the ONE little change that has completely transformed our homeschool days for the better!

Like many of you, I live with two little people that hate sleep. Our days often start before the sun- and not for my lack of trying to train them to sleep in, either (Mommas of late sleepers: teach me your ways!) This can often leave me dragging and in need of a second cup by the time our school time rolls around. There is breakfast to be made, a kitchen to be cleaned, preschooler disputes to settle, and lessons to prepare. It began to wear on me that time to myself was in very short supply.
As you might imagine, waking up before the kids was out of the question for various reasons. One of them being those creaky 100+ year-old floors that never fail to stir a (finally) sleeping child. Naptime is for work, and by the time bedtime rolled around in the evenings, I was exhausted. So what was I going to do? When was I supposed to have time to myself? Time with the Lord? I couldn't just put it smack in the middle of our mornings... Or could I?

If there's anything we love about our choice to homeschool, it's the option to be flexible. So one morning, after breakfast was made and consumed and cleaned up, I made myself a cup of coffee, turned on the TV for my kids, and popped in my headphones. I sat down with my She Reads Truth App and my journaling Bible and took some time to just slow my heart and mind and talk to God. When the kids came over to interrupt, I gently told them, "I'm reading my Bible right now. Wait until I'm done." And much to my surprise, it worked. I got an entire half hour alone with the Lord that first morning and walked away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the school day.

Now hear me when I say this: this routine may not always work for us. I have never been a morning quiet time-er (I've never been a morning anything-er, Lord help me...) It may not work for you, but my point here is this: Guys, we have to make time to be with the Lord, and I think it's equally important to do this in front of our kids. They need to see us making this time. They need to hear us say, "I need time to do this because this is important." They need to see us on our knees in prayer or worshipping with hands raised high. If we don't show them postures of worship, how can we ever expect them to assume those positions? If we don't teach them to make that time and tend that vineyard, who will?

My kids have already started mimicking this activity. They pull out our Jesus Storybook Bible and ask me to read it. They pretend to journal on their little pieces of construction paper. I caught Grey with his face down toward his chest, mumbling something. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was talking to his heart because that's where God lives. Guys... They see and they do just as we do. Yes, there is incredible grace to be had when it comes to our children's spiritual lives, I'm not going to assume habits will be picked up without demonstration. I'm going to lay that foundation as best I can.

We need to be good stewards of our time, our hearts, and the hearts of our children. Make time to be with the Lord today.

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  1. This is GREAT, Chelsea! My oldest will be 15 in May and I taught her early on that when mommy was praying and reading her Bible, that she must wait until I am finished. My kids get this and they still have their own time with God. They are watching us and what we model to them, they will learn. And, really, the most important thing for our children is that they walk closely with the Lord. Everything else will fall into place exactly where they belong if they give God His rightful place in their lives. I'm going to be sharing this post!