Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prudent Advice for My Daughter: On Being A Woman

In honor of International Women's Day, I thought I'd do a special installment of Prudent Advice for My Daughter. Enjoy, and share with a girl you love <3

Dear Daughter,
As a female, you are simultaneously made from the strongest and the most delicate things in life.
You heart is made to beat in time with those around you.
Your arms were meant to hold happy children, and helpless friends.
Your shoulder was meant for rocking babies to sleep and holding up saddened souls.
Your back bends in worship, in love, in play, in work, and in sorrow, and straightens again and again so that you can face the light.

Your hands will make meals, fill sippee cups, wash dishes, fill out paperwork, scrub dirty toilets, wipe feverish foreheads, create masterpieces, make messes, burn dinner, brush tangles, pat bottoms, rub backs, and work and work and work. They will become creased with the many jobs they have and marked by strength, but they will still be gentle enough to hold the hands of your children and theirs- miniature replicas of your own.
You will know great joy and great sorrow as a woman- both in the deepest sense of the word; both necessary. 
You are allowed to be tough.
You are allowed to be frail.
You are allowed to make mistakes and then teach others to learn from them.
You will meet people in your life who will tell you what a girl can and can't do. Who she is and how she is meant to do and be and dress and act and speak.  They will outline perceived limitations to which you may be expected to conform, but...
You will find no limits apply to you... and those that are implied are laughable, and
You will smile as you smash through them, set new standards, climb higher, and send the bar flying into the stratosphere.
You are mine and yours and God's and THAT... that makes you unstoppable.