Monday, February 29, 2016

Everyday Light Self | February

Everyday Light: Self is an ongoing monthly self portrait series. You can see January here.

Nothing like the last day of the month to squeeze in my February self portrait, right? Thanks extra Leap Day! Shooting this month's self portrait was exponentially easier. Editing, however, was much more difficult. Last month's self portrait post-processing basically included converting to black and white and sharpening. This month, I wanted to do something a little more challenging, and a little more outside my usual box. I had originally intended to do a double-exposure image, but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to try a collodion wet plate effect.

I'm largely inspired by historic photos (you can see my Dust Bowl-Inspired series here) and wet plate photography is no exception. Collodion wet plate was a process used in the 1800s that included adding iodide to collodion and coating a glass plate to produce the images. It's very involved and incredibly beautiful when done correctly. There are a few photographers out there still using a wet plate method and making incredible images, but I decided to try to create the same effect digitally using Lightroom. I'm pretty pleased with the results! It was very tedious- it's a strange thing to go through an image and purposely add imperfections such as motion blur and over-exposed spots- and as a result, there are far fewer images this month, but definitely fun to step outside the usual portrait zone and into the past.


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