Thursday, January 21, 2016

Everyday Wears: Fur Vest

This is nothing exciting, but I've been taking stock of my wardrobe lately and weeding out the things I don't wear, and pulling forward the things that I wear on repeat. It's funny the things that we hold onto *just in case* we want to wear them... or will fit into them by some miracle... I've been dropping inches lately since starting to eat clean again, but let's be honest, I will never fit into that green halter top from college. Nor should I, good Lord...

Can I tell you something kind of cheesy? I really like being able to have an extensive wardrobe, but I hate shopping, and I need to do it without breaking the bank. So I buy most of my stuff at thrift stores and consignment shops and I'm in a couple of those Buy/ Sell/ Trade groups on Facebook and IG. ​

I got this grey tunic in a sell and swap that I'm a part of and it's easily my new favorite item in my closet. It's super lightweight, so it'll last me well into the spring, but if I pair it with this fur vest (also bought secondhand) it's warm enough for winter. Side note, I vowed never to buy a fur vest because they remind me of that "See My Vest" song that Mr. Burns sings on the Simpsons- anyone know what I'm talking about? But when I saw this one for just nine bucks at a local thrift shop, I caved and I haven't looked back. It stays in the "wears constantly" section of my closet now. Also in this section: approximately fifty-seven thousand white shirts, and even more black shirts, tanks, tunics, and trapeze slips. It's a sickness...

What's on repeat in your wardrobe lately?
Hat: Old Navy Men's- "borrowed" from husband... and never given back...
Shirt: Hi Beam- secondhand
Vest: no tag- thrifted​​​​
Jeans: Old Navy- thrifted
Boots- Target 2014


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