Monday, July 13, 2015

Of Family Planning and Expecting The Unexpected

Let me tell you a story about a momma who had an eight month-old baby in one hand, and a positive pregnancy test in the other, and a mess of post-partum depression choking the life out of her. It took a minute for the shock to wash over her and the color to return to her face. And she tried to put on her armor and laugh in the face of adversity, but the truth was that she just couldn’t find the joy. She was scared, and she was convinced this would be the end of her sanity.

But time hurtled forward without regard for her feelings, as it does, and before she knew it, she was holding the most perfect little button-nosed boy in her arms. The day he met his big sister, the tiny girl had hardly any hair and wore a size twelve month red dress.  Her heart soared and even though the first months weren’t easy, things soon fell into a routine of rise and fall, good and bad, highs and lows… until one day, as she tucked in her two golden-haired babies next to each other all giggles and curled up toes, she realized they weren’t babies anymore.

She marveled at the way they had grown and survived despite her certainty that she was entirely incapable of raising two humans. But more than that, she marveled at their love for each other. Inseparable. Best friends. Somehow, by God's grace, they had found friendship in her folly.

She was overcome with gratitude that God’s plans are so much better than hers and she knew that this- THIS was her calling in this life. To be sanctified day in and day out through being a mother to these irresistibly ornery children. To find joy in the mundane. Light in the everyday…


  1. Love this! Every single picture, is like a dejavu moment of my 2. I had a pg test in one hand and a 9 month old in the other. ;) Fun times!

    1. I can't believe how the time has flown! I remember being in the thick of it and thinking I'd never make it out as a sane mom. Such a blessing!