Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventure: Homeschool | The Beginning

In a month, we’ll be starting a new adventure. Because a new town, a new business, a new blog, and a century-old house to maintain just isn’t enough, apparently. We’ll be starting homeschool preschool with our oldest, Vesper. Some days I think of all of the fun we’ll have and how great it will feel to be able to give her an education that fits her learning style. I picture field trips and fun songs and happy cheerful kiddos that skip around the house reciting colors in Spanish. Yes, I’m aware of the delusions involved here.

Other days my heart lodges itself into my throat and I want to cry and vomit all at the same time (a phenomenon I've come to refer to as "cromit." You can use that.) and I’m convinced that I simply cannot do it. I can’t take on such a monumental task. I can teach them songs and we can go to the zoo, sure, but harnessing the energy of those events and focusing them into actually educating my own children? I’m not so sure… And besides, it’s so… daily. I mean, yes of course, we won’t be doing school every day of the week for pre-K, but still, we will eat where we work and learn and fight and cry and play and laugh day in and day out!

I’m over-thinking it, I know. It’s just preschool… but when your child’s education is solely in your hands, something about it feels so much heavier. It’s a foundation. A set bar. A catalyst…

So. If you’re interested in watching the trainwreck, please feel free to follow along here and on Instagram where I’ll be hashtagging #AhlgrimSchoolHaus on any photos related to our homeschool journey. I know nothing. You can learn with me. Or learn from my mistakes. Or at the very least, laugh at my utter inability to get my shit together and school my children.

I'm getting ready to start buying school "supplies." I use that term loosely, because learning is largely done through play at this age, but we still need a few resources that are solely for school use.

Any veteran homeschool moms out there want to help a sister out and encourage me that I’m not going to completely destroy my child’s will to learn? What is something you wish you had known before you started homeschooling? 

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