Monday, May 25, 2015

Why Everyday Light?

We are in a very exciting time in our lives. Everything is new: new city, now house, new diet, new routine- new lifestyle! (more on each of those later) So it's no wonder that with all of these exterior changes, I'm seeing changes within myself as well. A desire for simplicity- for a life lived well and fully. A desire to be present and joyful; To work with my hands to create this life that we envision, and a feeling of immense gratefulness for all that we have.

So here we are. A new, blank space to share this life. I will still be updating my photography website with sessions and various informational posts regarding photography, but this... this is where I go to be free. This is the place where I will overload you with photos of our kids and our house and our life and my thoughts on everything. It's a place where I go to share light. Sometimes it's bright, and sometimes it's not. But that's the beauty of it all.

So if you're a willing participant, or simply a witness, welcome! I hope you find light here too.

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